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Photography NZ for websites and more


From black & white/ colour film photography to creative digital photography. Working together to capture the best of architecture, still-life, ideas, products, services, events/functions, loved ones, hobbies and sports.


A range of photography techniques are used to isolate, highlight and enhance ideas.


Photography from film and manual digital to high quality media, RAW & JPEG formats. Creative photography as a service where you hold the rights to your photos.


Professional goal-driven photography to help you get the results you need.

What types of professional photography do we do?

Our professional photographer does the following types of photography across New Zealand:

  • Website photography and photography for online promotions
  • Product photography
  • Architecture & Real Estate photography
  • Family photography
  • Events photography & functions (including corporate and weddings)
  • Street photography
  • Candid photography
  • Digital & 35mm Film

Featured Packages

Flexi payment plans available. Charges for travel outside of Auckland may be applicable following initial consultation.

Digital Photography Pack x24

$216 NZD + GST

Film Photography Pack 24 x 35mm film

$280 NZD + GST

what you get?

 35mm film development
 35mm film negatives to digital with our film negative scanner

Digital Photography Pack 2.5HR x100

$544 NZD + GST

Featured Instagram Photos

Creative Photography by the Odd wave
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Architecture Photography by the Odd wave
Events Photography by the Odd wave
Promotions and Model Photography by the Odd wave
Children portrait
Bee merging from flower
Bee at work
Canary Wharf London
Colosseum Rome Italy
Silhouette of people waving
Ahipara NZ
Takapuna NZ
Wild bird
Vintage cars Chelsea
Royal Hospital Trees
Family girls
Pink flowers
Eiffel Tower Paris
Model Female Photography by the Odd wave
Model Male Photography by the Odd wave

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