Our Process

Our flexible process for eCommerce Websites

If you have purchased an eCommerce Website Package from one of our channels then we will email you an Information Pack and Questionnaire or schedule a Video/Voice Assessment call to discuss the package and your requirements

All content can be shared via Google or Dropbox and a link with be shared with you to access and share all digital content, images, logos etc.

Development store is created and shared with you for ongoing review, testing and feedback.

We will have two review sessions with you for feedback and final changes

Go Live

    We have several eCommerce Website & Starter Packages available to suit all businesses and budgets. If you need help or advice on any of our packages, please contact us for assistance. Call us or book a meeting for a free consultation or search for options that best suit your needs. 

    Information Pack

    The information pack is essential in creating your brand online and how you want your business represented online. The information pack will include everything we need to get started, all in a simple & easy to follow format that streamlines the process.  

    Video/Voice Assessment call

    This consultation allows us to learn more about your business and products and understand your brand's vision. We are available after the initial call at any stage of the process to assist and answer any questions about the project.

    On completion of the eCommerce Development Store Mockup, we will have an overview session with you to explain functionality, and you will be able to have a look and play. At this stage, you will be able to submit changes and adjustments to be made to your store.

    Final eCommerce Website Changes 

    Once we have made changes and adjustments based on the first website review, you can review the changes and make any final change suggestions an adjustments. We will provide a list of changes made for you to check and test. Any major design changes to the website at this stage will be subject to extra charges. 


    We do full end-to-end testing as we create the site to ensure that is it fully functional via a test payment gateway. We also encourage everyone to complete test purchases to test the flow of making purchases via the site.


    Once we have finished the testing process, we will ask the client to do final tests. If all parties are happy with its functionality, we'll transfer the store to you so you can complete payment settings and assign us collaborator access to complete Go-Live (i.e. point your domain over to the new site).  


    Now that everything's shiny, happy, and ready to roll, we put the power in your hands by training the client on how to use Shopify. 

    Web Support Retainer

    We can be available on call to assist you with using your eCommerce website control panel, fix bugs, add design enhancements or anything else you need on a monthly basis, so your site never falls out of date. 

    Our process for Data Engineering & Integration Development

    We combine our strong technical backgrounds with current best practices from technologies and platforms. Be assured that our coding will be of best standards, easy to follow and easy for others to take up. We use Git repositories for source code control and you will be given access to client specific functions and repositories we create for you.