Shopify Website Packages

Shopify Website Packages


Shopify is the easiest platform to sell on popular social channels from one place. Product and Collections in Shopify can feed automatically into Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, eBay and Google. 

Shopify is a fully hosted ecommerce solution

That means that merchants’ files and data are securely held in the cloud. A fully hosted solution comes with a series of benefits for merchants.

Easier to build

A hosted platform enables a simpler store setup process by removing many of the barriers to entry that entrepreneurs face when starting a business. The features merchants need to get started are built in, so getting started is easier. Merchants receive native hosting, shopping cart functionality, and sales channel integrations with no additional fees or integrations.

Ready for optimization

As merchants grow and develop, it’s natural that they’ll want to optimize their stores continuously. As a hosted platform, Shopify regularly pushes new improvements to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of stores hosted on the platform are built with industry-leading best practices. In addition, having a hosted platform means merchants have access to robust third party apps and integrations that extend the functionality of their store to create a fully customized solution, for merchants big and small.

Simplified store maintenance

Because a merchant’s store is fully hosted, they can focus on running their business while Shopify focuses on making sure the platform is maintained. With robust technical support and ongoing platform maintenance to reduce downtime, a merchant’s business will continue to run smoothly. Shopify also has industry-leading security, including SSL certification, security patches, and more, ensuring that every merchant’s business and customers are secure.

Orders and fulfillment

Through the admin, merchants can process and ship orders, and manage their inventory across multiple locations. Shipping and customer details are also managed from this central location.

Payment methods

Merchants can also manage payment methods through the admin. In many countries, Shopify Payments is the simplest way to accept payments online. It eliminates the hassle of setting up a third-party payment provider, and allows merchants to manage their payment gateway directly in their Shopify Admin. Payment details are clearly synced with orders, making it easy for merchants to see how much they’ve been paid without ever leaving Shopify.

In addition, with Shopify Payments merchants save on third party transaction fees and have access to the payment methods their customers want, including Google Pay and Apple Pay. Shopify Payments comes fully integrated with the merchant’s store, and includes a wide variety of functions that let them manage their entire business and financials in one place. Where merchants wish to offer additional payment options, Shopify supports a variety of third party payment providers. This means that customers can still check out in a secure way that’s comfortable for them

Shopify App Store

With over 2,200 apps, the app store gives merchants the ability to access a truly customized commerce platform that serves the unique needs of their business. From marketing, to orders and shipping, to trust and security, and so much more, merchants are able to find apps to optimize their operations, no matter what niche they work in.

Shopify allows hassle-free eCommerce and let's you focus more on business by simplifying and taking care of most technical aspects of ecommerce for you.

4 products

4 products