How a live shipping calculator on your product pages can increase conversions and sales

Most shipping apps and extensions come with their own live shipping rates calculator widget. Most if not all of these shipping calculators get added to the the cart page of your ecommerce website, regardless of ecommerce platform. So if a customer is looking at a product on the product page then they would have to select Add-To-Cart and then select Calculate to calculate live shipping rates for their cart contents. 

Shopping cart shipping calculators really only satisfy customers that have been through your checkout process before and know that it exists. A usability issue arises when a customer wants to know how much shipping costs for a particular quantity of a particular product that they may be looking at. They either do not know about the shipping calculator or know that it exists and now have to navigate forth and back to get the vital shipping information they are looking for.  

Surprising shipping charges will kill conversions - this is a well known statistic in ecommerce. 28% of shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if presented with unexpected shipping costs.

The Odd Wave can add an online Shipping Calculator to your product pages to help your customers look up real-time shipping rates by postcode. We can also help set up Multi-Carrier Shipping solutions on the online channel.  

Here is an example of a live shipping rates calculator that we added to all product pages of a leading retail and wholesale packaging company in Australia. The change increased conversions by 20%. The calculator is fully customizable to show any of the available fields and to stand out with your theme. 

The product page live shipping rates calculator works particularly well if you have Carrier Calculated Shipping enabled on your Shopify store or if you have an account with a 3rd party Courier Shipping service or a Shipping Carrier service like StarShipIt.

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